WebAssist was founded in 1999 and has specialised in business es.medadvice.net/lumiskin/ it.medadvice.net/lumiskin/ internet services ever since, providing affordable high quality and reliable wvegas world free online casino games best braun series 7 shavereb hosting, domain name and email solutions, игры вулкан престиж along with high-speed internet connection and consulting services to Australians.

Web Hosting, Domain Name and Email Services

Having partnered with one of the best Australian data centres possible (located in Melbourne’s east), we are able to provide hosting services to you that are the fastest, most resilient and with the most adaptive nevegas world free online casino games best braun series 7 shavertwork connectivity possible. You can be confident in the world class standards and connectivity matrix of the facility as multiple diverse network carriers, four failover/redundant BGP вулкан платинум игровые автоматы бесплатно border routers and multiple fibre paths are used. In fact, WebAssist has utilised these multiple network carriers to maintain 100% network and server availability for our customers to date.

The same hosting facilities are trusted and used by the following customers, just to name a few:

data centre customersThe data centre network, where possible is designed to remove single points of failure and introduce N + 1 design principals. Other benefits and advantages by using WebAssist as your web hosting provider include well monitored firewalls which use statefull failover to secondary HSRP devices, and our layer 2 redundancy achieved through 10GE and 1Gbps switching fabric that uses Rapid Spanning Tree.

Ultra-high Speed Internet Connections

We believe there is always a superior and higher speed internet service available in the market at a more than reasonable price. WebAssist has fought for our customers by partnering with internet connection carriers that can deliver on that desire without compromise on connection quality and reliability. We specialise in providing corporate grade high-speed fibre optic es.medadvice.net/lumiskin/ it.medadvice.net/lumiskin/ and ethernet internet connections (including Business Grade NBN) via a variety of carriers for our clients.

Some of the carriers we utilise or recommend are:carriers recommended and used

All our hosting plans are protected with Intrusion Detection and Prevention

If you speak with any Internet Security Expert, they will warn you that the Internet is riddled with danger from Worms to Trojans and exploits that often catch out the unaware and cause a great deal of harm. This is not to mention the intentional hacker who sets out to deliberately compromise your system and profit from your losses.
Firewalls and Virus protection are designed to protect you plus the users online and really are a basic necessity. As an added layer of defence, WebAssist’s networks are all protected by the industry leading Sourcefire Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems (IDS/ IPS).
Sourcefire is the signature based system used by WebAssist to monitor over 1.5 million connections daily. This signature system identifies malicious activity at a packet level and protects your system based on our pre-defined rule sets.

Some common attacks and exploits…

Worm and Trojan Signatures

These are known exploits that exist for many applications such as Joomla, xcart, unpatched SQL Servers and more.

Brute Force and SQL Injection

Multiple failed logons indicate brute force attacks. These attacks can be directed at FTP servers, SSH Servers, Mail Servers, Windows File Shares, SQL Servers.

Information Gathering

Port scanning and network sweeps can indicate a malicious user attempting to gather information about a network. There are known applications that will be blocked, along with custom defined rules that further protect your service.

WebAssist will make sure, through the use of Sourcefire, that these will be blocked, along with other custom defined rules that further protect your service and give you ultimate piece of mind.