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Managed Ethernet, ultra-fast, starting from
a very low $188 per month for a short time

Available from over 400 exchanges nationally on the
highly reliable trusted network of: aaptlogo

Service Speed Examples Pricing (ex GST)
Up to 10Mbps/10Mbps
– Unlimited Internet
– Managed Router Included
$188 per month,
Up to 20Mbps/20Mbps
– Unlimited Internet
– Managed Router Included
$388 per month,

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Fantastic for VPN or Cloud Traffic, VoIP/SIP, Video Conferencing, Remote Backup & Office Internet Access

Service Specifications
Contention Ratio 1:1 (un-contended)
Delivery Router provided with normal RJ-45 Ethernet port
Managed Router Managed modem/router included!
Static IP Address Yes
Service Level Agreement 99.95% availability (backed by SLA)
Contract Term 36 month term (24 month term optional)
Technical Support Australian based business hours support included

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What is Managed Mid-band Ethernet?

Managed Mid-band Ethernet is a synchronous speed service from 10Mbps to 80Mbps that utilises multiple copper pairs with the ability to provide a high capacity of upload and download bandwidth (than ADSL2+), making it ideal for providing your staff with high speed internet access. ‘Managed’ means that we also include a maintained router within the monthly cost, no an extra! The service can be used for very reliable VoIP/SIP, controlling web hosting, VPN and video conferencing. It’s ideal for any businesses needing to send/receive high volumes of data, wanting a typically much faster connection than ADSL2+

Can I get Managed Mid-band Ethernet?

Ethernet is available from over 400 Telstra exchange buildings Australia wide. We need to qualify your address to ensure sufficient port capacity is available.

How reliable is Managed Mid-band Ethernet?

This is a commercial grade Ethernet product which is backed by industry leading SLA’s. Ethernet is delivered using multiple pairs of copper connecting to the nearest Telstra exchange building. In the event of a pair failing, the service will continue to operate at a reduced speed on the other functioning pairs of copper still.

How is your price so low?

WebAssist has priced Ethernet very competitively in order to gain rapid market share (we have been in operation since 1999 however). This is possible due to a strategic partnership via AAPT Wholesale division.

What does un-contended mean?

Un-contended means that you are not sharing the bandwidth with any other users. Typically contended internet services will slow down at peak times.

Do I need special hardware to make it work?

Yes, you will need a router with an RJ45 Ethernet port. Unlike our competitors, we actually include and install this enterprise grade Managed Router with this service! (worth up to $69 per month)

Can I have additional IP Addresses?

Yes, additional IP ranges can be added. Prices start at $29 monthly for a /29 (8 IP addresses).

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Is Mid-band Ethernet compatible with VoIP?

Yes, and for a small charge we can even configure QoS (Quality of Service) on the included Managed Router.

Can I backup to a data centre facility?

Yes, no problem! WebAssist can even provided cost effective storage for you within the WebAssist Australian data centre. With Ethernet data speeds of up to 80Mbps, this provides ultra-fast reliable backup.

Can Ethernet connect our office to a data centre?

Yes, WebAssist can optionally deliver Ethernet as a layer 2 service from your office to selected data centres. This allows us to interconnect as required to your rack, AWS or Cloud services. Ask us for details.

How long is this pricing available?

This is a limited time offer. Once you are connected to Ethernet the special pricing will last the full 24 or 36 month term.

How long does it take to install?

Typically 15-20 business days.

I have multiple sites, can you connect them?

Yes, WebAssist may be able to deliver an IPsec or Managed VPN between your offices, providing fast & secure intra-site connectivity. Ask us how.

Can I have a contract shorter than 36 months?

Yes sure, higher monthly and installation fees apply. Contact us for details.

Does WebAssist offer other services?

Yes, WebAssist has access to one of the largest National Cisco MPLS networks and can deliver the following services:
• Web/Cloud Hosting, Storage & Backup
• IPsec or Managed IP-VPN
• VoIP & Managed/Cloud PBX
• Managed Security
• Co-location